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Kappa mono dan full-range, multi-channel amplifier memberikan efisiensi dan kekuatan yang Anda harapkan dari Kelas D amp-dan kinerja yang Anda harapkan dari Infinity.

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Kappa mono dan full-range, multi-channel amplifier memberikan efisiensi dan kekuatan yang Anda harapkan dari Kelas D amp-dan kinerja yang Anda harapkan dari Infinity. Setiap model dalam lineup akan menerima baik tingkat tinggi atau tingkat rendah input, yang memungkinkan amplifier Stadion JBL yang akan ditambahkan ke hampir semua sistem audio mobil, termasuk pabrik diinstal sistem. 2-, 4- dan 5-channel amplifier menawarkan Bluetooth® audio streaming, exclusive Clari-Fi™ teknologi pemulihan musik eksklusif yang menganalisa dan meningkatkan kualitas audio dari file yang dikompresi secara real time, multi-pasangan Mode Pesta yang memungkinkan siapa pun di mobil streaming musik, dan panel kontrol kabin-mount. Kappa amplifier memberi Anda kekuatan untuk membentuk pengalaman audio mobil Anda dengan cara baru.

Spesifikasi :

General Specifications

    Max Power
    1500W Peak
    Signal-to-Noise Ratio
    >75dB (ref 1W output @ 4Ω)
    Bluetooth® Audio Streaming
    Clari-fi™ Music Restoration Technology
    Party Mode allows sharing of streaming content
    Cabin Controls and Telephone Integration
    High Efficiency, Low Distortion Class D Design

Speaker Specifications

    Power Output, 4Ω
    100Wrms x 4, <0.1% THD+N
    Power Output, 2Ω
    120Wrms x 4, <0.1% THD+N
    Power Output, 4Ω Bridged
    240Wrms x 2, <0.3% THD+N


Bluetooth® audio streaming and telephony support

The three full-range, multi-channel Kappa amplifiers (K2, K4 and K5 models) feature Bluetooth® connectivity for wireless audio streaming from phones and other devices. You can receive phone calls through your car audio system, just by touching a button on an included control panel.

Clari-Fi™ audio restoration technology

Clari-Fi™, a proprietary DSP technology is incorporated in the K2, K4 and K5 amplifiers, analyzes music files and improves highly compressed digital music files in real time. A predictive algorithm restores audio content that is discarded in the compression process. Clari-Fi™ works with all playback devices and audio sources. It extends high-frequency bandwidth, restores the natural warmth of vocals and widens the sound stage. In short, Clari-Fi™ gives your digital music back its soul.

Party Mode wireless pairing

The K2, K4 and K5 amplifiers offer Party Mode, a multi-pairing capability that enables Bluetooth® devices to stream audio individually. When Party Mode is selected from the cabin-mounted control panel, anyone in the car can drive the music.

Cabin-mounted control panel

The K2, K4 and K5 multi-channel amps come with a wired control panel that incorporates an omni-directional microphone and puts a range of functions at your fingertips. You can activate Bluetooth® pairings, accept and end phone calls, select Party Mode and cancel Clari-Fi™.

Class D amplification

Every Kappa amplifier, including the full-range models, is a Class D. These high-efficiency, low-heat amps generate a lot of power without drawing much current, and feature small footprints.

Full-range line outputs

The full-range Kappa amplifiers (K2, K4 and K5) include full-range line outputs. This enables them to pass the audio signal to additional amps that power subwoofers, increasing your system configuration options.

Upgradable firmware

Kappa amplifiers incorporate a mini-USB port that enables you to easily upgrade firmware.

ADAS Input

Four-channel, priority inputs on the full-range Kappa amplifiers override the playing source when a signal is detected from Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

DBO™ (Dynamic Bass Optimizer)

Kappa amps feature a subsonic filter in with variable frequency and Q. For sealed enclosures, set the Frequency Control to 35Hz, and then adjust the Boost Control to your preference. For vented enclosures, set the Frequency Control to 10Hz below the port tuning, then adjust the Boost control to your preference.

Sleek design

Sometimes, an amp can be as stylish as it powerful. With brushed steel and screwdriver access concealed by a magnetically attached panel, Kappa amplifiers have a clean, streamlined industrial design.

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Pokoknya Joss No. 1 Harga OK, service jempol

Bontang - Kaltim

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Pesanan smp ditangan sesuai perkiraan, tepat waktu, terima kasih mas bro


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Barang murah kualitas bagus pelayanan memuaskan. Mksh audio boss


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Setelah hari Sabtu 8 Maret 2014 kemarin saya memasang Audio di BOSS rasanya nggak mau keluar dari mobil tuk menikmati audio yang mantap, dan hanya BOSS yang dapat memberikan kenikmatan bermusik di dalam Mobil, TRIMs untuk semua Kru BOSS, sukses selalu

Pontianak Kalimantan Barat

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Pelayanan cepat dan memuaskan. Pesan hari ini, sore sudah sampe rumah. Recommend Seller!